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Google To Launch “Google Drive” – A Cloud Storage Service

Are your running out of Space on your Hard Disk? Do you have to remove old files to download new ones?

If yes, then Google Drive will become a very useful service for you.

Wall Street Journal has just reported that Google is going to launch a cloud-storage service by the name – “Google Drive”. As per a report from Wall Street Journal, Google Drive will give a big competition to the other cloud service providers like Dropbox, Microsoft etc.

As per WSJ, Google Drive will allow you to store Music, Pictures, Documents, Videos on Google Servers, which will be accessible from any device connected to the internet. You can then share those files with anyone. At present Microsoft’s 365 and iPhone’s iCloud are offering the similar cloud storage service.

Google Drive
Google Drive


As per a Google Spokesman, “Google Drive” is just a rumor which is spread from many years.

We have done a research and found that the Google Drive Support Page is working, but the main page is showing 404 Error. The working support page makes our hope stronger about launching the Google Drive.

Google Drive Main Page
Google Drive Main Page

Google Drive Working Support Page
Google Drive Working Support Page

Google hasn’t yet officially declared this service and its prices for using the cloud hosting services, but it is considered that these services will be provided free of cost to the Personal and Business Users. However to get a large space there will be a charge.

Let’s see how much time Google takes to launch the Google Drive Service.

By William E. Goldston

William is a Web Enthusiast. He likes to post articles about almost every topic, and love to mess with the latest technological gadgets, so that he can share his experience with the whole world.

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