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How to See PF Balance in India Online from Indian Govt. Website

PF Withdrawal is always a concern for the Employees.

So we are providing a step by step procedure, that can help you see and withdraw your Provident Fund (PF).

Lets say we need to check the PF balance of our account number – HR/GGN/31676/11

  1. Go to
  2. Register there (If you visited the website first time), otherwise Sign-In to the EPF Portal
  4. Select the State with which your PF Account is merged (Lets say Gurgaon in this case)
  5. Your PF account number will be asked on this screen. Enter it in following way:
    • GN GGN 0031676 000 0000011
      Note: First and Last set of Characters will contain 7 numbers, while the Middle one needs to filled out with three zeroes in our case. You may try leaving it empty, in case entering 000 doesn’t work.

    Here is the sample screenshot:

    EPF Withdrawal India Online
    EPF Withdrawal India Online

  6. Enter the CAPTCHA as displayed and click on GET PIN button, to receive it on your registered mobile number.
  7. Enter the Pin number (that your received on your mobile phone) in Enter Authorization PIN textbox and Tick the I Agree option and click on Get Detail button.
  8. Now you will get the PDF of PF Account Passbook, if you requested it earlier. Otherwise you will get notification that your passbook will be uploaded in 3 working days. Now After 3 days you can come back to the portal and follow same steps as mentioned above and get the EPF Balance Sheet/Passbook in PDF Form.

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