Top Xbox Games of Year 2016

The first half of this year is completed and it has been awesome for the gamers. People have got new technology like virtual reality to enjoy gaming in a much better way. The video game developers have also improvised the thrill and excitement in games and developed some great games for the players. Players have got many enjoyable games in 2015. 2016 is going to be a more exciting year for Xbox gamers across the world. Many new games are released in last few months. We have listed the best of them so that you can pick the best for your enjoyment.

  1. Battleborn:
    Want to enjoy some interplanetary action? Buy Battleborn now, if the answer is yes. The planet known as Solus is about to destroy. There are many species on this planet,  trying to escape before the planet Explodes.Battle Born GameYour player will get a gun and Suppose to shoot the barriers to get out. You can play this game with multiple online Players. This Would be an enjoyable experience with  Xbox one.
  2. Rise of the Tomb Raider:The Rebooted Tomb Raider is going to expand and Rise of the Tomb Raider would be its new game. The developers have launched it but, it will be available till this spring for Xbox.Battle Born GameYou will be playing this game as tomb rider, who is hunting for treasures and other mysteries hidden in the tomb. Of-course, she will fight and use weapons to remove all the barriers. So, get ready for the action that you had seen in the Tomb Raider movie.
  3. Dark Souls 3:This amazing game was launched on April, 2016 and it has got huge popularity among gamers. This warcraft game is available for Xbox users, who want to enjoy some great battles. It is the third game of Dark Souls series, but it offers much larger area to explore the amazing world.Dark Souls 3
    Yes, the players would explore and find hidden mysteries. Players can create characters and players and then play with them online.
  4. Tom Clancy’s The Division:The New York City is under the threat of criminals, who are trying to threaten people for their needs. A team, known as division is formed to prevent innocent people, will be your team as a player.Tom Clancy’s The DivisionYou will be part of that team and you will kill every enemy and criminal before he causes any damage to the city. A large number of players have bought this game and now they are playing it to experience the thrilling silence and violence of New York City.
  5. Quantum Break:Do you often wonder that what would happen, if you could manipulate the time? Quantum Break is a great Xbox game for you, if you often think so.Quantum BreakIt is one of the top-rated Xbox games of 2016 that changes the location, place and situation according to TV series. It is player’s decision that brings new challenges and situations in front of Jack Joyce. He will manipulate time, fight, and do lots more things for your entertainment.
  6. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition:It is an enjoyable third-person shooter game. The original Gears of War was available only as a PC game, but this time developers have launched it for Xbox players with new missions. The planet is captured by alien forces.Gears of War Ultimate EditionYou will play to remove those forces from the planet and make it a pleasant place for the life. Many players can play it simultaneously as a single army. They can cooperate as the soldiers to prevent each other’s life in the game and win the war.
  7. Far Cry Primal:This game is purchasable from Amazon and some other online Xbox game-selling sites. It is the next installment of Far Cry series, but it would comprise all new effects and attractions.Far Cry PrimalThis game will take you to the monolithic era, where you will see some extinct animals and you will fight with them for the life. The graphics are simply awesome and that’s why this game will give you unforgettable entertainment.
  8. Halo 5: Guardians: The Halo 5: Guardians is the latest installment of Halo series’ games. This is a first person shooter game that gamers play only on the Xbox. Halo franchise has made it perfect by introducing all the exciting features.Halo 5: GuardiansYou will fight, use a number of guns to shoot your enemy and get interesting missions on some of the best locations you could ever see. That’s what Halo 5 will give you.Forza 6:All the speed lovers know about Forza and they love to play every new installment of Xbox’s Forza series.

    This time it is Forza 6 that will include new tracks, new cars and many other things to give you a very and thrilling ride. You can buy this game online and download it.