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How to Find Microsoft Windows Version Quickly ?

The quickest methods to find out which version of Microsoft Windows you are using, is winver command.

Open the Run Dialog by pressing CTRL+R, and enter the command winver in it. This will open a window titled About Windows.

This windows will provide you information like the OS installed on your PC, its build version, Service Pack, year of coding of OS, physical memory (RAM) available to windows etc.


This will also help you telling these specifications, when someone from technical support asks you to troubleshoot your system.

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How to get Cached link for a Web Page in Google Search ?

What is the need for Cache ? : Google saves a snapshot and copy of web pages in their servers, which could be accessed offline. There are lot of benefits of this cache. For example, one can vie the web page if the main server is down and so on.

Earlier this cache link was visible on the google search results page, and now its not. But it doesn’t mean that google has removed the Cache link from their website, instead, they have moved this option in the page preview.

To access the cached copy of a web page in google,

1. Search in google. (e.g. original tips)
2. On the search results page, click on forward button and then click on the Cached link to see the cached copy of that web page.

original tips google cached page

There is another method for getting the cached copy of a web page.
perform query in google search with,

And this query will take you directly to the cached copy of the webpage.

So now you can open a cached copy of any web page, anytime.
Enjoy! 🙂

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Receive Google Plus Notifications on your Mobile Phone via SMS

Google has challenged facebook with their new service Google Plus. If you have created an account with Google Plus, then you can get the SMS notifications for the updates from your friends and circles (At present this service is only available in India and United States).

To do that,

1. Go to Google Plus Settings page

Google Plus SMS Notifications-1a

2. Now click onto the Add phone number option, choose your country, enter your mobile number in the provided textfield, and click on Send verification code button.

3. Wait for a minute to get the verification code on your mobile phone.

4. Now verify the code by entering in the relevant textfield. Select the SMS option, and it’s done. Now you will get Google+ SMS notifications on your mobile phone.

5. You can change the SMS notifications preferences for the following.

  • Whenever someone mentions you in a post
  • Shares any post directly with you
  • Comments on a post, created by you
  • Comments on a post/photo, where you have also commented
  • Whenever someone adds you to any Google+ circle
  • Someone wants to tag a photo of you
  • Tags you in any picture
  • Comments on a photo, where you’re tagged
  • Comments on a photo, you tagged

Google Plus SMS Notifications-2a

Countries :

At present, this service is available in following Countries.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Algeria
  3. Angola
  4. Bahrain
  5. Cameroon
  6. Ghana
  7. India
  8. Indonesia
  9. Iraq
  10. Israel
  11. Jordan
  12. Kazakhstan
  13. Kenya
  14. Kuwait
  15. Liberia
  16. Malawi
  17. Maldives
  18. Mozambique
  19. Nigeria
  20. Philippines
  21. Saudi Arabia
  22. Senegal
  23. Sierra Leone
  24. Sri Lanka
  25. Tanzania
  26. Thailand
  27. Tunisia
  28. Uganda
  29. United States
  30. Uzbekistan
  31. Zambia