How to Rename a batch of Photos or Files all at once ?

Most of the times you need to rename a batch of photos or a batch of files, so that it could look in a proper sequence. For example, after copying the camera photos in PC, you see that they are something like DCIM, DCIM0001, DSC or IMG etc., which isn’t easy to memorize.

So if you want them in a sequence, you need them to organized like 001, 002, 003 etc.

You can do it by the following method of renaming all photos/files automatically in a batch mode.

1. Download and install RenameX.

2. Open RenameX, and Drag and drop all images/files that are to be renamed.

RenameX Files-1

2. Now go to the Rename tab and select the Output Format and name according to your wish. You can also Append or Prepend words in the filenames.

RenameX Files-2

3. You can also use regular expressions to replace specific word(s) from each file’s name. To do so, go to Replace text-field, and write the name you need to replace (viz. IMG), and then Write the Word you need to replace it with (viz. PIC)

RenameX Files-3

After selecting all required options, click on Replace button and all files will get renamed as per your choice.

The features of RenameX are,

1. It can Rename your files with an index (viz. 001, 002, 003…)
2. It can Rename your files appending/prepending string with an index (viz. DCIM0001, DCIM…)
3. It can Replace string in a bundled name (with or w/o RegExp)
4. It can Replace files’ suffix (viz. html to php…)