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WP Site Protector Pro – A Powerful Security Plugin for WordPress Website Protection

WP Site Protector Pro (Also known as WordPress Site Protector Plugin), is an unique plugin from ExattoSoft, which provides full security to the wordpress based websites.

WP Site Protector is developed for the protection of Site’s contents and Images from frequent attacks by the plagiarists. Unlike all other security plugins, WP Site Protector not only imposes restriction on mouse right click and text-selection, but it also restricts images from being copied and encodes all page data. Hence it provides a reliable protection of Content/Data and Images.

As per the ExattoSoft statement “WP Site Protector Pro makes it very easy to put every possible protection to your very-own precious content and images from being stolen or copied.”

WP Site Protector Features,  Specifications and Reviews
WP Site Protector Features, Specifications and Reviews

WP Site Protector Pro could be installed on any version of WordPress. ExattoSoft has also provided a free version of this plugin,  but I would recommend buying a pro version, as free one just provides the basic security to the site like Restricting Text-Selection and Mouse Right Click.

WP Site Protector Pro comes in four licenses,

  1. Single Site License for USD $30.
  2. Upto 5 Sites License for USD $120.
  3. Upto 10 Sites License for USD $210.
  4. Unlimited Sites License for USD $600.

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