Youtube Black Screen Problem on Fullscreen : Solution

Youtube has changed the internet video world drastically. Almost all of us use youtube (on firefox, chrome, opera and on internet explorer) to watch our favorite videos, and Enjoyment becomes double when we watch the videos in full-screen.

But some of the people are facing a problem that When they play any youtube video and click on full screen option, it shows a black / blank screen, while the audio and annotations are still playing. And when they return to the normal browser screen, this problem gets resolved and video starts playing along with the music and annotations.

If you do have the same problem then OriginalTips has got a solution for you.

1. Go to

2. Search and Play any video of your choice

3. Now right click in the video playing area, and click on settings option.

Youtube video full screen error solution-1

4. Then go to the first tab, you’ll see that the option Enable hardware Acceleration is already selected, then unselect it.

Youtube video full screen error solution-2

5. Then close this Pop-Up

Youtube video full screen error solution-3

Now you will be able to see the youtube videos in full screen without any problem. 🙂