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How to install Windows XP on Pen Drive / USB Flash Drive

There are many reasons to install Windows XP on the USB Pendrive. For example, if you have a Laptop/Netbook, which doesn’t have CD/DVD-ROM in it, then you can run Windows XP from the USB Drive.

The simplest tool which can be used for his purpose is SARDU – Multiboot CD/DVD and USB Builder.

SARDU Software
SARDU Software

Here is the procedure to install Windows XP on a USB Drive.

1. Make an ISO file of your Windows XP Operating System Disc, and rename it to Win_XP_Pro.iso or Win_XP_64.iso or Win_XP_Home.iso etc. You can do it via any ISO Creator (for example, Magic ISO, Ultra ISO, LC ISO (Free) etc.).

2. Now download the SARDU, unzip it. Now copy the XP’s ISO file (Win_XP_*.iso) to the folder SARDU/ISO

SARDU USB Windows Installer
SARDU USB Windows Installer

3. Now run SARDU software, go to the Windows Tab, and check the Windows Installer ISO file.

4. Now click on Search USB and choose the Drive from that list.

SARDU - Select USB, and Hit on Create
SARDU - Select USB, and Hit on Create

5. Then click onto the USB Button to install the Windows XP on USB.

Now you have Windows XP in your USB Pen Drive.

By William E. Goldston

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