How to Turn off or Disable the Post revisions in WordPress ?

This post is for the WordPress Bloggers, who want to elimination the redundancy of data in the WordPress Database.

As most of the bloggers know that WordPress internally saves each revision as a different post. Means if someone writes a post, and modifies it 10 times, then that particular post will be saved at 11 separate places, which is really annoying for the people who don’t want to keep all revisions, instead they just want to modify the post without making duplicates of that post.

So, here is the solution to get rid of the Post revisions in wordpress.

1. Go to your web file-system of wordpress, after logging in with your FTP username and password.

2. Right click on the wp-config.php file and then click on Edit option. (If Edit option is not available, then copy that wp-config.php file to your computer and open it in notepad.)

3. Now go to the last line of the page, and place

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

before the ?> php closing tag.

4. Save and overwrite it with the old wp-config.php file.

Now onwards, this particular wordpress installation will not save the revisions whenever you modify any post.

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By William E. Goldston

William is a Web Enthusiast. He likes to post articles about almost every topic, and love to mess with the latest technological gadgets, so that he can share his experience with the whole world.

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