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“Google Glasses” ! New Project from Google : Reality or Hype?

This week, Google X’ blue-sky ideas lab has unveiled its new project by the name “Google Glasses” prototype.

As per the sources, Google Glasses will be equipped with Android Operating System. It can be operated with the help of voice commands.

Google Glasses
Google Glasses

To show the use of these Glasses, Google has uploaded a video on their official channel. Here is a demonstration video (released by the Google), which shows how the Google Glasses will work!

Key features :

You can do Text/Voice or Video Chat on the go.

Daily life:
With the help of Google Glasses, you’ll be able to see What’s the temperature outside.

Google Glasses will update you when your route is jammed or subway service is suspended. You can plan shortest way for your traveling, and these glasses will also give you turn by turn GPS navigation for it.

Social Networking/Sharing and Uploading:
You can also capture photo or video, of whatever you see with these Google Glasses. After capturing the photo or video, you can share it on Google+.

All reminders and information about meetings will be displayed in front of your eyes.

In Stores/Libraries:
If you are in a library or a store, then Google Glasses will help you to find where your specific category of items/books are.

Design of Google Glasses

To understand the Design of Google Glasses Prototype, we have made a diagram.

Google Glasses Design Prototype
Google Glasses Design Prototype

The right most part of Google Glasses contains display screen and a camera. In the right side, the Panel contains Memory, Battery, Sensor and Communications Device.

Icons on Google Glasses
Here are the sample icons, which will appear on the Google Glasses.

Google Glasses Icons
Google Glasses Icons

Now let’s wait for Google to launch it and make a revolution in the field of Gadgets!

By William E. Goldston

William is a Web Enthusiast. He likes to post articles about almost every topic, and love to mess with the latest technological gadgets, so that he can share his experience with the whole world.

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