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Solution – Got the error: Server Error while trying to obtain a website: Connection refused

Do you ever get such kind of errors on your Mobile Phone or Computer/Laptop while Browsing the Internet?

Do you see something similar to:

Got the error: Server Error
while trying to obtain
Connection refused

If yes, then you are not alone. Even we got the same error many times but then we deeply analyzed the issue and here are our observations, which might not help you get it resolved but at-least you will have an idea that why such error is coming. This could be a great help to the Normal Non-Tech-Savvy audience.

Here is the screenshot of a 4G Phone where same issue had forced us to roll our eyes:

Got the error Server Error while trying to obtain a website Connection refused

Steps to Reproduce the Error:

  1. Enable 4G LTE/3G or even 2G on your Smartphone
  2. Browse any website via any of the browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini etc.) in your Phone or Dongle attached to the Computer/Laptop

Why this error comes:

According to our findings, such error could arise from any or combination of the below reasons:

  1. Issue on Phones and Dongle connected devices like Laptop or Desktop/PC:The Mobile Network Operator can have some issue on the towers nearest to your location, while providing Internet Access to the audience.In our case network operator was Airtel, and we faced this issue while we were traveling in NCR (from Delhi to Gurgaon – Near to Iffco Chowk). The error persisted more than 2 hours in normal day time: 11 AM to 1 PM.
  2. Issue on Phone Only:There might be the case where you have Rooted your Phone and installed Ad-Blocker Plus on it. In this case, if your Ad-Blocker Settings are not updated or not properly saved, it may lead to such kind of errors while browsing the Internet.


What could be the Resolution or Solution to resolve such errors:

  1. If you are getting the Connection refused bug onto your phone even if you haven’t yet changed or modified any core-Android file settings, then there is a high possibility that your Network Operator does have some issues in your locality.To just cross-verify, try Turning-on the Internet Data on another SIM Card, if you have the other. If another SIM can run your Internet, then certainly the issue is with the Network Operator of your previous SIM.Additionally, you can verify with your mate around that whether he/she is able to access the Internet or not.To resolve this, please call onto the Customer Care number of your Network Operator.

    Customer Care No. of Different Mobile Network Operators in Delhi/NCR:

    Airtel Customer Care Number – 121 / 198 (Toll-Free), 9810198101 (Prepaid), 9810012345 (Postpaid)

    Vodafone (Earlier Hutch/Essar) Customer Care Number – (+91 9811098110 from any phone or 199 chargeable at 50p for 3 minutes for agent access)

    Idea Customer Care Number – 12345 (chargeable at 50p for 3 minutes for agent access)

    Reliance Customer Care Number – *333 ( Chargeable at 50p / 3 min for Agent assistance ), or call 198 (toll free)

    Aircel Customer Care Number – 121 / 198 (Toll-Free) / 9716012345

    BSNL Customer Care Number – Landline Call Center Number ‘1500’ Number ‘1800-345-1500’, BSNL Mobile all India Helpline Number ‘1503’ Number ‘1800-180-1503’

    Tata Docomo Customer Care Number – 1800 266 1515

    Telenor India Customer Care Number – 198

    MTS India Customer Care Number – 199 (Toll free from MTS) or 9136155155 (Voice), or 9136955955, 1800 2081 955 (Toll free)

    MTNL Customer Care Number – 1500, 1501, 1502, 1503, 1800111503 (Toll-Free)

  2. If above case is not applicable for you, then this must be a case of Rooting and Modifying the Android Native System Files.To resolve such errors,i. Backup your Full Phone-Data
    ii. Perform the Factory-Reset to your Phone and Wipe the Internal Memory

    This should resolve the problems that could have raised from Rooting and Installing any harmful or malicious apps onto your phone.


Hope this article helps you resolve the connection refused issue while surfing the internet.

Please let us know your feedback using the comments section provided below.

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Google Chrome 17 (Desktop) : More Faster, and Safer Browsing with New Omnibox Prerendering and Scanning Protection

Google has recently launched a stable update to their Chrome Desktop Browser, with many added features and fix to a number of security vulnerabilities.

There are mainly 2 new features provided, Document Scanning and Omnibox Prerendering.

Google Chrome 17 - Config chrome flags screenshot
Google Chrome 17 - Config chrome flags screenshot

1. Download File Scanning :
Whenever you download something by using Google Chrome browser, Chrome will check the file in its list. If file is hosted on the Blacklisted Servers/Websites or appears to be an infected one, then Chrome will warn you that the file consists of malware or viruses. This new layer of protection also works for .exe and .msi extension files.

This feature is provided for your security, but if you believe that the file you are downloading is safe, then you can download it by selecting the option.

2. Ultra fast browsing via Pre-Rendering :
Google Chrome 17 comes with Pre-Rendering enabled. If you have activated the Pre-Rendering option, then it will appear that the sites you are surfing are loading instantaneously. To disable this feature, you can go to chrome://flags/ in the chrome address bar, and select Disable option under Prerender from omnibox.

Google Chrome 17 flags new features - prerender from omnibox and smooth scrolling
Google Chrome 17 flags new features - prerender from omnibox and smooth scrolling

3. Smooth Scrolling :
Google Chrome has provided Smooth Scrolling as an experimental feature, just like the Firefox 12 Aurora.

4. Security Fixes :
In terms of security, Google Chrome 17 has around 20 security vulnerability fixed, out of which a few were severe.

5. Synchronization with Chrome Beta for Android :
You can login into your Chrome profile, and share from PC to mobile, or from mobile to PC.

Google Chrome 17 Synchronization Sign in Snapshot
Google Chrome 17 Synchronization Sign in Snapshot

Please share your reviews after installing the new version of Google Chrome.

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Chrome Beta Version Launched for Android – Download Now

Google always invents something new to provide better experience to the worldwide internet users.

After the success of Google Chrome – A Superfast Desktop Browser, Google has come up with an Android Version of Chrome Browser, so that people can take benefit of it on their mobile phones and tablet as well.

Google Chrome Beta for Android Devices
Google Chrome Beta for Android Devices

Here are some advantages and disadvantages noticed by us.

Advantages :
1. Chrome Beta for Android is superfast, with accelerated page loading, zooming and scrolling – just like the Desktop version of Chrome.
2. Provides the same tabbed interface as provided in the Desktop version
3. Performs automatic synchronization of the tabs and bookmarks (After Sign-in)
4. Comes with the Omnibox feature which lets you search and surf through the same address bar
5. You can surf privately with the Private Browsing Mode (Incognito Mode) in Chrome Beta
6. Switch between unlimited tabs in a easy-viewable stack
7. You can send webpages from your Desktop Chrome to your Android Device, and read them on the go (even if you are offline).

Limitations :
At the time of writing, Google Chrome Browser (Beta) has the below limitations,
1. Chrome for Android is Only available for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Version based Mobile Phones annd Tablets
2. It can only be installed in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany and Argentina
3. Beta version doesn’t have Flash Support
4. There is no option provided to switch to the Destop version of a website
5. It doesn’t have any support for features like Themes, extensions etc.

Download :
Chrome Beta for Android can be downloaded from the Android Market

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Mozilla Comes In A New Avatar With Its Firefox 12 Version

Mozilla Firefox browser is famous for its user-interface, support and security. Though the Firefox browser is open-source and free-to-use, but due to the hard work of Mozilla developers, no one can say that Firefox works like free browser. Firefox provides everything that a paid browser can provide (like Microsoft Internet Explorer).

This time Mozilla is launching a new update by the name Firefox 12 Aurora, which provides a better experience than the previous versions of it.

Mozilla Firefox 12 Version

Here is a short list of benefits :

1. Smooth-Scrolling & Auto-Scrolling :

Firefox 12 has Smooth-Scrolling enabled by default. Though the feature is provided to improve the Scrollinmg experience of the users. But if you don’t like this then you can disable this feature from

Mozilla Firefox > Options > Advanced > General > Use Smooth Scrolling

2. New CSS Properties Support : 

Firefox 12 Supports new CSS properties like column-fill, and text-align-last. So the web developers can use these properties in their web-pages. Additionally the experimental features like ECMAScript 6 Map and Set objects, and Sharp Variables Support are introduced in Firefox 12.

3. Source Code line numbering :

The another feature of Firefox 12 is Source Code line numbering, which will help the developers in debugging the source code of web-pages.

4. Less User-Command while Updating :

The new Firefox 12 will prompt one less user-command in its up-gradation process.

Personal Suggestion :

I suggest you to test the New Firefox 12 Version and report to the Firefox authority, if you see any kind of errors in it. This will help the Firefox 12 beta to become a Stable version.

If you are a web-developer, then you can visit Mozilla Hacks Blog and to have a look at the development related changes in Firefox 12.