How to Get Facebook Username with own Profile Link / URL ?

Almost all of us are using Facebook for the social netwoking, but the facebook profile link gives some dissatisfaction as it is not memorable.

For example, you can get

instead of,

To do so,

1. visit,

facebook profile url username

2. And now select the username of your choice, after checking for its availability.

facebook profile url username

After completing it, you will get a memorable facebook profile link, which could be easily shared with you friends, and circles.


How to delete the existing Post Revisions in WordPress ?

Earlier you have read how to disable the post revisions, but what, if you already have a number of post revisions in your wordpress database?

Here is the procedure to delete the existing post revisions in wordpress database.

1. Go to the phpMyAdmin or sql-manager to manage the wordpress database on your hosting service provider.

2. Now select the wordpress database, from which you want to remove the post revisions.

3. Now go to the SQL Tab, available at top in the options menu.

4. Paste

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = "revision";

in the text-area and Hit the Go button.

5. You’ll get a alert stating

Do you really want to :
DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = "revision";

Click on OK button.

6. After a few moments, you’ll get the confirmation message (depending upon the available post revisions in that database).

That’s all.


How to Turn off or Disable the Post revisions in WordPress ?

This post is for the WordPress Bloggers, who want to elimination the redundancy of data in the WordPress Database.

As most of the bloggers know that WordPress internally saves each revision as a different post. Means if someone writes a post, and modifies it 10 times, then that particular post will be saved at 11 separate places, which is really annoying for the people who don’t want to keep all revisions, instead they just want to modify the post without making duplicates of that post.

So, here is the solution to get rid of the Post revisions in wordpress.

1. Go to your web file-system of wordpress, after logging in with your FTP username and password.

2. Right click on the wp-config.php file and then click on Edit option. (If Edit option is not available, then copy that wp-config.php file to your computer and open it in notepad.)

3. Now go to the last line of the page, and place

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

before the ?> php closing tag.

4. Save and overwrite it with the old wp-config.php file.

Now onwards, this particular wordpress installation will not save the revisions whenever you modify any post.

Click here to know How to delete the existing Post Revisions in WordPress.


How to Create an Additional Drive on your Computer – Windows 7

We all need secondary or additional drives on our computer to manage the data easily. For example, we can divide our hard disk into 4 partitions: C-Drive for Windows, D-drive for Media, E-drive for Software and F-drive for keeping all Documents.

There are a number of ways, by which you can easily manage the partitions on your hard-disk.

One of such tool is provided free with the Windows 7 – Windows 7 Disk Management System:

1. Go to Windows Search Box, type Disk Management and you’ll see an option by the name Create and Format hard disk partitions, click on it.

2. Now perform a right click onto the primary partition (e.g. C-Drive) and hit the Shrink Volume option. Windows Disk Management

3. After a few moments, a screen will prompt to enter size to shrink the C-drive (Depending upon the size of your C-drive). Just enter the required size, and click the Shrink button. Windows Disk Management

4. Now do the right click on that newly created partition, and hit the New Simple Volume option. This option will take you to a wizard, after completing which, your new partition gets ready to use. Windows Disk Management

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WP Site Protector Pro – A Powerful Security Plugin for WordPress Website Protection

WP Site Protector Pro (Also known as WordPress Site Protector Plugin), is an unique plugin from ExattoSoft, which provides full security to the wordpress based websites.

WP Site Protector is developed for the protection of Site’s contents and Images from frequent attacks by the plagiarists. Unlike all other security plugins, WP Site Protector not only imposes restriction on mouse right click and text-selection, but it also restricts images from being copied and encodes all page data. Hence it provides a reliable protection of Content/Data and Images.

As per the ExattoSoft statement “WP Site Protector Pro makes it very easy to put every possible protection to your very-own precious content and images from being stolen or copied.”

WP Site Protector Features,  Specifications and Reviews
WP Site Protector Features, Specifications and Reviews

WP Site Protector Pro could be installed on any version of WordPress. ExattoSoft has also provided a free version of this plugin,  but I would recommend buying a pro version, as free one just provides the basic security to the site like Restricting Text-Selection and Mouse Right Click.

WP Site Protector Pro comes in four licenses,

  1. Single Site License for USD $30.
  2. Upto 5 Sites License for USD $120.
  3. Upto 10 Sites License for USD $210.
  4. Unlimited Sites License for USD $600.

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New Aakash 2 Tablet PC – Ubistlate 7 Price in India | Rs. 2500 & Rs.3000

Ultimately after a long delay, Ubislate 7 (Aakash or Sakshat) Tablet – The lowest price Tablet PC has been launched to the public.

Aakash 2 (Sakshat) Tablet

It was announced in 2010 with the Price tag of $35, and was supposed to hit the market by January 2011. Unfortunately Project got delayed due to several reasons like testing and all, but it’s here now. The public version of Aakash is now available for purchase.

Aakash 2 Tablet Advertisement

Akash Tablet is jointly developed by the London based company DataWind and Students of IIT-Rajasthan, and manufactured by an India based company Quad at its Hyderabad production center. The older version of Aakash Tablet was suffering from bugs like overheating (within 30 minutes), lack of support for all formats, poor sound quality etc. So Datawind launched an upgraded version of Akash Tablet by the name Ubislate 7.


Ubislate 7 – Newer version of Aakash Tablet (Sakshat)
New Aakash 2 Tablet PC


Older version of Aakash Tablet (Sakshat)

Sakshat Tablet - The lowest price android tablet pc in world


Features of Akash Tablet :

Akash tablet is equipped with Android 2.2 OS, 366 Mhz processor with HD Video processor and Graphics accelerator. It has 256MB RAM along with 2GB Flash memory. Akash tablet supports external storage from 2GB to 32GB.

While talking about the network, it provides Wi-Fi connectivity. Akash also has 2 standard USB slots in it, so that you can plu your Pen-Drive or a USB-Dongle into it.

Akash Tablet has 7″ screen TFT display and 800×480 pixels resolution with resistive touch-screen input.

Akash tablet has a 3.5mm standard audio jack. Bettery backup of Akash tablet is about 3 hours.

Features of Unislate 7 (Upgraded version of Akash Tablet) :

Ubislate 7 is an upgraded version of Akash, which has 700 MHz processor, and GPRS/SIM Card slot in it (Integrated Mic/Speaker), along with all the features of Akash Tablet.

In both the versions of Akash Tablet, there is a separate browser application given for internet browsing (named UbiSurfer), and Youtube video streaming.

You can also read and write all Office documents (like DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODP, ODT) in both the tablets.

Supported video formats are MPEG4, AVI, FLV, MPEG2.
Supported Music Audio formats are MP3, WAV, AC3, AAC, WMA.


Other features of Sakshat includes,

  • Open Office
  • Zip-Unzip feature
  • SciLab
  • Full HTML Internet browsing with full support of JavaScript and flash plugins
  • Video web conferencing facility
  • Multimedia content in a variety of formats (pdf, docx, ods, adp, xls, jpeg, gif,png, bmp, odt, zip, AVCHD, AVI, AC3)
  • 80% shock resistant

There are many rumors around regarding the components used in this Tablet PC, for example Cheap and low quality hardware etc. But I think, we are not paying a high amount to buy this Tablet PC, and at this price tag this is the best Tablet, whole over the world.


How to Buy Akash Tablet :

You can order Aakash Tablet ((Android 2.2) at just Rs.2500, while the upgraded version Ubislate 7 (Android 2.3) could be booked at Rs.2999.

Click here
to order Akash Tablet online.

If you have any query regarding Akash tablet, you can call on toll-free number (India) at 18001802180.